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X80 Agricultural Plant Protection Drone

  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Independent route planning
  • Night flight function
  • 4.5 thick carbon fiber arm
  • Super drop resistance
  • The payload is 160 kilograms, and the maximum takeoff weight is 320 kilograms
  • Folding design, more convenient transportation
  • The core spray width is 15 meters, the maximum spray width is 20 meters
  • Complete waterproofing
  • More power and dual 42000 mah high voltage battery pack
  • Dual channel spray system dual flow meter per minute 16L, 16 nozzles
  • Standard 5.5-inch high screen remote control
  • Front and rear obstacle avoidance radar is standard
  • Adopt high pressure brushless water pump, electric regulation full waterproof
  • Whole machine optimization, circuit drug path hiding

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