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V2500 Fixed-wing VTOL UAV


V2500 Fixed-wing VTOL UAV is used for mountain and forest fire reconnaissance, natural disaster reconnaissance, water surface disaster reconnaissance, etc. When a disaster occurs, the UAV takes off directly from the command center, quickly arrives at the disaster area, hovers over the disaster, and transmits real-time images back to the command center.

Total length1.26m
Power TypeElectric
Maximum take-off weight13.5Kg
Standard load1-2Kg
Autonomous flight mode GPS navigation
Maximum operating altitude4800m
Power systemBrushless motor
Fixed-wing Wind Resistance Level 6170
Typical mission load 30x visible light camera
Communication distance30km (no obstruction, no interference)
Package size1200mm*510mm*420mm
Ground station 1000mm*420mm*180mm
Cruise speed70-90Km/h
Take-off and landing modeVertical take-off and landing
Maximum flight speed93Km/h
Endurance time2h ~ 3h
Flight distance≥ 120km
Maximum climb rate6m/s
Landing accuracy≤ 0.1m
Wind resistanceMulti-axis wind resistance level 4
Fixed-wing wind resistance level 630 times visible light camera
Rainproof ability6mm/min
Power Battery 6S 22.2V 22000mAH*2

Attitude smoothness

Pitch angle ≤ ±4°, roll angle ≤ ±4°, yaw angle ≤ ±3°.

Ground station displayDual screen display


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