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UAV Navigation Deception Device


I. Function of UAV Navigation Deception Device

Anti-drone active defense system, through the radiation of low-power navigation deception signal, the invasion of GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo and other navigation of the drone satellite navigation components to block and deceive, to achieve all-weather, all-weather, all-weather, all-direction of the drone to drive away, forced landing, out of control, etc., so that the black-flying drone can not intrude into the protected area, the equipment can be used individually, but also can be grouped together to use the network.

II. Main features of Drone Navigation Decoy System

1. Equipment is safe and reliable. Applicable scene security weak explosion-proof design.

2. Variety of striking modes. Support single-point fixed position, uniform linear motion position, defense circle circular motion position, interference deception and other defense modes.

3. Equipment unattended. The device can be switched on for 24 hours to implement deception and interference, and the whole process does not require manual operation.

4. Remote control. Remote control can be implemented to adjust the striking time, striking distance and so on.

5. Optional working mode. It can work 24 hours a day in a single station or 24 hours a day in a group network; it can work independently or be integrated into the system to work in a triggered manner.

6. Deception signal is real. The satellite state and position in the deception signal are consistent with the real situation in the sky, and the time information in the deception signal is synchronized with the real situation in the sky at the code level.

7. Adjustable equipment parameters. The deception interference object can be adjustable, can interfere with one or more of GPS, Galileo, Grenes; deception distance can be adjustable, can be adjusted according to the size of the protected area within the range of 1,000 meters; signal transmission power can be adjustable, can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the transmission power.

III. Technical Parameters of Drone Navigation Decoy Device

Working modeAdopt navigation decoy interference working principle

Frequency range

Required: GPS:1575.42±1.023MHZ, GLONASS:1602.0MHz+N×562.5kHz±511kHz, (N take -7-6)

Customizable: B1:1561.098±2.046MHz,

Active defense distanceAdjustable within 0.1-1KM
Power adjustableOutput power can be adjusted through the administrator account, by adjusting the signal output power, amplify or reduce the scope of the system defense signal coverage
Equivalent omni-directional radiated power<10mW
Transmit power≤10dbm (adjustable)
Frequency tolerance±2×10-6
Occupied bandwidthNo greater than frequency range
Spurious Emission30MHz-1GHz (RBW 100kHz) <-36dBm; 1GHz-18GHZ (RBW 1MHz) ≤30dBm
Signal typeReal-time generation of GPS-L1, GLONASS-L1 induced signals
Signal synchronizationThe simulated satellite navigation signals in the ephemeris synchronization, synchronization accuracy <1μS
Electromagnetic radiation<0.4W/㎡ (front, back, left and right)
Defense fleet Simultaneous repulsion of different brands of drones not less than 10
Response time<10s
Effective Deception AngleHorizontal 360°, Pitch 90°
UnattendedWhen unattended state, in the effective interception distance to interfere with the drone working time ≥ 24 hours
Power supplyAC220V
Operating temperature


Protection classIP65
Explosion-proof gradeEx nA II T4/T6 Gc
Lightning protection reportCapable
Ambient electric field strength ≤12V/m (front and back)


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