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TE2 Power Supply System(DJI M300/M350 Payload)


TE2 Power Supply System Features

The TE2 power supply system is a backpack system, the tether box console is equipped with LED lighting system; the tether box provides a tripod folding function, when unfolded on the ground to avoid contact with the harsh ground environment, thus protecting the tether box; the box can be backpack design, the box material adopts environmentally friendly material, and the human body back fit at the ergonomically designed, comfortable and durable, suitable for long-distance backpacking by the single soldier. High integration in the provision of portability at the same time, 110 meters of cable automatic retracting and releasing function and can ensure that the tethering system can be quickly unfolded and recycled, reduce the cable by the impact and bending, is an effective device to protect the cable. Under stable utility power supply conditions, it can realize 24 hours of ultra-long flight time continuous operation (the trouble-free working time is a military standard).

TE2 can be used with TE2-700 floodlight.

Compatible models: M300

TE2 Power Supply System Technical Parameters

On-board module size 140mm* 100mm* 100mm
Weight 530g
Output power3Kw
Dimension of ground side of tether box 520mm*435mm*250mm (including back frame)
Tether box weight  16kg
Tethering box rated power 3Kw
Cable length 110 meters
Operating temperature -20℃-+50°C
Dimension225×38.5×21 (4pcs)
Light TypeWhite (6500K)
Total power 700W/70000LM
Angle of lightWhite light 60 °
Installation modeBottom fast mounting, light installation on the aircraft without modifications


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