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T200 Heavy-Lift Unmanned Helicopter for Cargo Delivery

Fuselage size (heavy load size)3.5m*1.5m*1.8m (L*W*H)
Maximum fuselage length (including main rotor)8m
Main rotor diameter5.0m
Take-off weightMaximum: 500kg; Standard: 450kg
Mission Load - Endurance

Endurance not less than 1h for a net load of 200 kg

Endurance not less than 3h at 150 kg net load

Endurance not less than 5h at 120 kg net load

Maximum level flight speed140km/h
Cruise speed80-100km/h
Practical ceiling4500m
Standard communication uplink/downlink distance30-100km (optional according to actual mission requirements)
Wind resistance

Wind speed during takeoff and landing is not less than 12m/s (Class VI)

Wind speed of not less than 16m/s (Class VII) during the airborne flight phase

Operating ambient temperature -25℃~+65℃


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