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Steering Gear Decoupling Device


Decoupling Device Product Advantages

1. Metal waterproof high strength stainless steel material, real load 20-50 kg, easy decoupling.

2. High-speed digital configuration, voltage range 4.8-8.4v, support high voltage.

3. Long life, flexibility, high safety performance.

Technical Parameter

NameSteering Gear Decoupling Device
Jaw 11mm
Material Metal High Strength Stainless Steel
Height 104mm
Life Span More than 3000 times


Voltage range4.8-8.4v

Product Introduction

The 20-50kg class transmitter is essentially mounted, and the steering gear of Suning has fast response speed, flexible use, and ultra-long service life up to 3000 times. If it is mounted in the air suddenly no power it will not turn on, it can only work according to the signal given by the remote control. It is a product with high safety performance.


Battery Positive: The red line

Battery Negative: The black line

Signal: The yellow line


1. The thrower (on and off) has to return to the designated position and cannot be used to clip objects. This is a 3-wire servo, must model remote control to use. Can't connect to 2-wire remote control/continuator It can't be used.

2. It can be used for remote control boat, helicopter and multi-axis drone. 

3. Please set the rudder 100% in the remote control. 

4. The pitcher does not need to be connected to the battery, it must be plugged into the receiver channel / flight control servo channel / microcontroller / servo control board to be able to use, can not be directly connected to the battery, it is the receiver / microcontroller / servo control board power supply (normal power supply 4.8-8.4v).


1. White color is fixed by M4 screws across the bottom.

2. Beige color is vertical hanging bottom M4 screw fixing.

3. White color can be fixed with straps or screws, suitable for all sizes of drones, RC boats, climbing cars.


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