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SF422-F7000 22L Oil-electric Hybrid Power Agricultural Plant Protection Drone


Model: SF422-F7000

Number of axes: 4 axis

Wheelbase: 1650 mm

Power mode: Hybrid power

Medicine box volume: max 22L

Fuel tank capacity: max 2.5L

Hybrid model: F7000

Full load takeoff weight: 58KG

Body weight: 34KG

Hybrid Powertrain:F7000

Rated voltage:MIX 51.8V MAX 58.5V 14SPower: 7000W    

Weight :12kg(with cooling system)

Fuel consumption:1L/frequency

Fuel ratio:40:1 (95# petrol, FD grade 2T oil)

Operating temperature:-20~45 degree Celsius

Starting mode:one key self-start

Cooling method:liquid-cooled

Power System

Motor:EA126 KV75   14S

ESC :EP-120A 14S    

Propeller:UP43135  43-inch Folding Paddle

Flight Control System

Flight Modes and Functions: Attitude Mode, GPS Mode, Dual Pump Mode, Protected Mode (Return, Landing, Hovering), AB Point Operation, Fully Autonomous Mode, Continued Operation Out of Control, Medication Protection Function, Vibration Protection Function, Star Loss Protection Function, Active Noise Function of Remote Controller, Direction Protection Function.

Remote control active noise reduction function, direction detection function.

Ground imitating radar module: strong penetrability (including fog, smoke, dust, small rain), not affected by light, strong anti-interference ability, good environmental applicability, stable performance, detection distance is 15m.


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