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Reconnaissance Six-axis Multi-rotor UAV


Reconnaissance Six-axis Multi-rotor UAV is mainly used for military probing.

30DFK electric multi-rotor UAV, based on the lightweight "X" structure, design, storage, thick volume, easy to transport, independent core solid-state lithium battery power supply mode, to provide 65min of full-load endurance. The fuselage adopts integrated carbon fiber design to ensure the quality of the UAV's tough, high-strength products. Even when flying at high altitude, strong winds and other harsh environments, the UAV is still able to ensure a smooth flight attitude and long-lasting endurance. The UAV is equipped with newly designed high-performance motors, intelligent ESCs and high-strength propellers, providing weatherproof power support for various industrial applications with large loads, high efficiency and excellent reliability.

The Reconnaissance Six-axis Multi-rotor UAV can be multi-purpose, loaded with a variety of payloads, 60-80 caliber mortar shells, 95 rifle mounts, 38mm smoke grenades, explosive shell launchers, can be achieved remotely by firing, point-blank shooting, continuous shooting, shooting launch angle can be adjusted in real time from 0-90 ℃ and is equipped with a high-definition cross-collimation camera, real-time observation of the target aiming, and can be used to carry out precise strikes on enemy targets, the UAV and its loads are mainly used in hazardous areas and complex terrain. The UAV and its payload are mainly used in dangerous areas and complex terrain. Equipped with high-definition three-axis camera, the UAV can carry out long-distance aerial reconnaissance of enemy targets and activity trajectories, and also strike at the enemy's aerial suppression of firepower to reduce casualties on our side. It can also be equipped with a distance measuring and positioning device for high-precision real-time positioning of enemy targets (latitude and longitude) to deal a heavy blow to the enemy.

Technical Parameters: 

Model: 3WWDZF6-30DFK

Wheelbase: 1980mm

Unfolded size: 2080-2080-730mm Folded size: 890-920-73mm Empty weight: 18.9G

Maximum Weight: 30KG

Endurance: >65mins with full flight

Wind Resistance: Class 6

Protection Grade: IP56

Cruise Speed: 0-20m/s

Operating Voltage: 61.6V

Battery capacity: 62000MAh

Flight altitude: ≥5000 meters


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