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Micro-multi-rotor Patrol Missile UAV


Micro-multi-rotor Patrol Missile UAV is mainly used for detecting and fighting urban street battles.

Suitable for saturation attack, load 3kg.

Main Features:

1. High reliability, compact and highly modularized design.

2. Small external dimensions, foldable, can be carried by a single soldier with several pieces of equipment.

3. Good hovering effect.

Main Advantages:

1. Easy to carry, rapid unfolding and deployment, no special site requirements;

2. Intelligent flight management, vertical take-off and landing, one-key start and stop, easy to operate;

3. Light dead weight, large load capacity, strong maneuverability;

4. Good concealment, low noise, and good low interception by itself;

5. Self-organizing network, flexible information interaction between nodes, and can realize cluster-distributed cooperative action;

6. Intelligent AI identification and automatic tracking, effective identification of people, cars, airplanes and other targets and precise target location localization, implementation of autonomous attacks;

7. Cell phone, tablet delineate any point, line, fixed point and line cruise.

Technical parameters

Fuselage size: 110mm*110mm*500mm

Expanded size: 750mm*750mm*500mm

Bare machine weight: ≯3kg

Payload: ≯4kg (Optical pod + battery + cargo compartment)

Flight Mode: Vertical Takeoff and Landing

Number of system operators: 1 person

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Deployment time: 1 minute

System retract time: 1 minute

Battery Capacity: 10000mAh-16000mAh

Operating Voltage: 24V


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