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MF-40 Multi-Purpose UAV


MF-40 multi-purpose unmanned aerial system is mainly used for high-altitude reconnaissance, ground attack and guided strike.

Drone Parameters

MaterialCarbon Fiber + Aluminum Alloy
Number of rotors4 axes and 8 propellers
Expanded size1180x1020x600mm
Folding Size520x1040x300mm
Maximum Load15kg
Maximum take-off weight42kg
Positioning SystemRTK+GNSS
Propeller32 inch
Power Battery14S 30000mAhx2
Remote Control10.1" All-in-one Remote Control
Control radius30km
Flight time (empty)55min
Flight time (full load)25min
Maximum wind resistancelevel 6
Positioning accuracy±0.3m

Horizontal Launcher

Ammunition caliber38/40mm
Pitch angle0°~-90°
Launch modeElectronically triggered
Load capacity9 rounds
Launcher weight3kg

Rifle control module

Suitable for rifles95/191
Control MethodRemote Trigger
Optical Sight SystemCrosshair Sighting
Shock Absorption SystemRebound Shock Absorption
Tilt control0°~-35°


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