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HS500 Agriculture Drone


HS500 Agriculture Drone Packing List

FP500 Drone*1

Air-cooled Charger*1

30000mAh Battery*2

7-inh High Brightness RC*1

HS500 Agriculture Drone Features

Worry-free, Efficient, Strong, Durable

55L spread tank, 40L spray tank

Easy folding,easy transition

Mdular design, fast maintenance

IP67 protection level, aviation aluminum high-strength frame

Remote Controller Upgraded

Built-in 20000mAh battery

8 hours long battery life, all day operation

7-inch high-definition large screen, integrated mapping kit

Spreader Upgrade, Double Efficiency

Option 1: SP4 Air-Blown Spreader

Air-blown spreading, no harm to seeds & drone body

feeding speed of 100kg/min (for compound fertilizer)

Suitable for high-precision, low-dosage scenarios

Powdered materials supported

Option 2: Sp5 Centrifugal Spreader

Accurate spreading, dual-roller material discharging

Efficient spreading,

feeding speed of 200kg/min (for compound fertilizer

5-8m adiustable spreading width

lnnovative Wind Pressure Centrifugal Nozzle

Good atomization, adjustable particle size, big flow

Atomized rate 5 1/min(single nozzle)

Atomization range 50um-500um

Four centrifugal nozzles work,

changing lines without turning around

Orchard Mode, More Applications

For complex terrains.

3D mapping by aerial surveying covers each fruit tree

For ordinary terrains,

real-time field mapping through radar enables fast operation

Suitable for complex environments like

mountains, hills, orchards, etc.

Intelligent Planning, Precise Flight

Assistant point mapping, intelligent breakpoint, flexible flight

Front and rear FPV ,efficient mapping filed

40-meter ultra-range phased array radar

Detect micro obstacles

Five-beam ground imitation, accurately follow the terrain

Wheelbase1970 mm
Battery Capacity30000 mAh (51.8V)

Drone Weight

42.6 KG (Inc. Battery)
Lquid Tank Capacity40 L

Spraying Type

Wind Pressure Centrifugal Nozzle
Max. Flow Rate10 L/min

Spraying Width

5-8 meters

Droplet size

50 um - 500 um
Charging Time8 - 12 mins
Solid Tank Capacity55 L(Max Payload 40kg)
Spreading Mode 1SP4 Air-Blown Spreader
Feeding Speed 1100 kg/min(For Compound Fertilizer)
Spreading Mode 2SP5 Centrifugal Spreader
Feeding Speed 2200 kg/min(For Compound Fertilizer)
Spreading Width5-7 meters


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