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HD408 Auto Pilot Navigation System For Tractor Autopilot Automated Steering System High Precision GPS Guidance Agriculture Auto Steering Syst


HD408 Autopilot Navigation Product Features

  1. 1.5cm Accuracy: with high-precision navigation technologies, HD408 easily assists your tractor to deliver 1.5cm accuracy from pass to pass, under conditions of poor visibility and even at night.

  2. Modular Design: Easier to install and maintain.

  3. Quick Installation and Calibration: HD408 is easy to install on most of agriculture machines within 30 min and calibration within 3 minutes.

  4. RTK Base Station Precise Positioning: 3km, 12km, 30km range RTK base stations are available.

  5. Simple Operation InterfaceI: Multilingual support.

  6. Multiple Working Mode Options: Adapt to more terrain.

  7. Adapt to A Variety of Job Scenarios

HD408 Autopilot Navigation Details 1HD408 Autopilot Navigation Details 2

HD408 Autopilot Navigation Details 3 

HD408 Autopilot Navigation Details 4


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