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Handheld Anti Drone Gun Jammer


Product Description of Anti Drone System Handheld Drone Jammer

The handheld drone countermeasure equipment is a one-man drone jamming equipment developed for the actual use of drone frequencies at home and abroad. It adopts high-power electronic countermeasure technology to interfere with the navigation, remote control and mapping communication links of "black-flying" drones from a directional distance, forcing them to land or return to their flights. The device uses high-power electronic countermeasure technology to interfere with the navigation, remote control and mapping communication links of "black-flying" UAVs at long distances, forcing "black-flying" UAVs to land or return to the air. Effectively targeting multi-frequency and frequency-hopping modified drones. Safeguard low-altitude security in the protection zone.

Advantageous features of Handheld Anti-Drone Equippment

1. Powerful core configuration: Multi-band coverage of 800M/900M/1.5G/2.4G/5.8G, 80W power output, covering more drone types/models, effective countermeasures against FHSS drones.

2. Meet the rapid response: UAV flying speed, high danger index, this product does not need to be assembled, ready to use, risk control ability, to meet the needs of the actual combat.

3. Ultra-light and portable: highly integrated and integrated, adopting innovative technology to enhance the portability of the product, the length of the main body is 49cm and the weight is 3kg, which greatly enhances the convenience of carrying out the mission.

4. Reliability: the main body shell is made of 7075 aviation heat dissipation aluminum, equipped with four sets of cooling fans, efficient heat dissipation can extend the service life of the equipment, the service life of the equipment can be up to 5-8 years.

5. Ergonomic design, comfortable grip to hold; trigger switch; status display;

6. can be assembled with drone detection equipment, warning prompts when the drone breaks in. Improve the success rate of discovering drones.

Configuration Parameters of Portable Anti-Drone Jammer

Structural designHighlighting the portability of the product, using highly integrated design, no external components, compact and lightweight, comfortable to hold.
Jamming modeDirectional jamming, to realize the effect of "drive away", "forced landing" and so on.
Jamming distance1500 (depending on the type of model, the interference distance varies)
Jamming frequency

Channel 1: 1550-1620MHz 20W

Channel 2: 2400-2500MHz 20W

Channel 3: 5720-5850MHz 20W

Channel 4: 835-900MHz 10W

Channel 5: 900-950MHz 10W

Channel 6: 1150-1250MHz 10W

Replaceable expansion: 5150-5250MHz, 1400-1500MHz, 400MHz

Interference power90W
Frequency type

1.5G GPS Beidou GLONASS GALILRO navigation band

2.4G/5.2G/5.8G Civilian remote control/graphic transmission band

800/900 ISM industrial remote control/graphic transmission band

Antenna Specifications≥13dbm VSWR ≤1.5Typ
Switch and statusIndependent band switch and working status indicator
Status DisplayScreen showing current working status information such as power, voltage, current, etc.
Heat dissipation performanceIntelligent temperature control, built-in 4 groups of heat dissipation, improve stability
Power supply24V 5Ah high-capacity battery, continuous operation for one hour, standby 180 days, battery can be replaced.
Accessories4x10 laser sight, portable protective case, power adapter, front grip, dust cloth
Product size490*210*60mm
Product weight3.5kg (including the sight, front grip)


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