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H80 80KG Delivery Drone


H80 Delivery Drone Features

1. High-strength carbon fiber frame, shaped arms, free leveling

2. Lower battery, more stable flight attitude and stronger wind resistance

3. FOC power, carbon fiber composite propeller, easy to use.

4. 6-axis downward folding design, reduce the volume, convenient transportation

5. Extremely fast battery charging, 35 minutes full can provide a variety of interfaces, while mounting a variety of mission payloads.

6. Identity identification, secret key flight, background data supervision.

7. Aircraft in flight or hovering moment at any time to switch between different control stations, and can work normally.

H80 Delivery Drone Parameters

Model: H80

Material: Carbon Fiber+Aircraft Aluminum Alloy

Number of rotors: 6 shafts and 12 propellers

Wheelbase: 2638(±20)

Expanded size (mm): 2680*2320*960

Folded size (mm): 1175*1017*960

Empty weight: 80KG(including battery)

Maximum load: 80KG

Maximum take-off weight: 160KG

Maximum flight speed: 10m/s

Maximum ascending speed: 5m/s

Max. descent speed: 4m/s

Max. take-off altitude: 4500m

Empty endurance: 60min

Full load endurance: 20min

Positioning System: GPS+RTK

Power system: High efficiency FOC power

Propeller size: 48 inch carbon fiber folding propeller

Power Battery: 16S 30000mAh*6 (full charge 75.6V)

Remote Control: 7-inch high brightness integrated screen remote control

Remote control distance: 10KM/manual/intelligent operation mode/auto route

Safe wind speed: ≤7

Intelligent Flight Mode: Failure to Control Protection/Low Battery Protection/Failure to Control Return/Pointing Flight/Route Planning

Battery monitoring: Yes

Flight Data Recording: Yes

Voice Announcement: Yes

Ground Station: Android APP Ground Station

Background data monitoring: Yes

FPV Camera: Included

Image quality: 1080p


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