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H60 Agriculture Drone


Efficient and Reliable

Upgraded Stability

50L spray tank, 76L spread tank, max 60kg payload

50% higher efficiency, optimized operation

Foldable design, space-saving structure

IP67 protection, high-strength aluminum frame

Spraying Solution: Four Centrifugal Nozzles for Different Scenarios

lnnovative wind pressure centrifugal nozzles

Fine atomization, good penetration, uniform spraying

50um - 500urn adiustable droplet size

Higher flow rate doubled flow speed.up to 26L/min

Newly upgraded peristaltic pump, precise control of complex liquids

Brand-New UlInterface of Remote Controller, Tailored for User Habits

Optimized visual, improved interaction

Clearer guidance, smoother operation

Dual-Battery System Adding Even More Power

Two 20000mAh batteries, longer flight time

External batteries, better ventilation

9000W high-powered air-cooled charger

Fast charging and continuous operation

Orchard Mode Widely Applicable

For complex terrains,

3D mapping by aerlal surveying covers each fruit tree

For ordinary terrains,

real-time terrain mapping through radar enables fast operation

Suitable for complex environments like

mountains,hills. orchards. etc.

Radar/FPV Adjustable Gimbal

Stable detection ofvarious targets

Autonomous recognition ofslope changes,

dynamically adjustment of detecting direction

Clearer guidance,smoother operation

Spreading Solution: Optional Air-Blown Mode or Centrifugal Mode

SP4 Air-Blown Spreader: High precision spreading without harming the drone

Air-blown spreading, no harm to seeds and drone body

6 channel air-jet spreading

100kg/min feeding speed (for compound fertilizer)

High-precision,low-dosage scenarios applicable

powder materials supported

SP5 Centrifugal Spreader: High efficiency with large spreading width

Accurate spreading. dual-roller material discharging

High efficient spreading

200kg/min feeding speed (for compound fertilizer)

5-8m adjustable spreading width


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