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G30 Reconnaissance Bomb Dropping VTOL Fixed Wing UAV


G30 Reconnaissance Bomb Dropping VTOL Fixed-wing UAV is mainly used for military reconnaissance and observation/fighting.

1. Anti-jamming, stabilized flight in satellite denial environment.

Resistant to electromagnetic and GPS UAV countermeasures, integrated visual inertial guidance algorithms, normal reconnaissance operations under satellite denial environment.

2. AI+AR Intelligent Battlefield Situational Awareness

Onboard AI can automatically identify, lock and track moving targets; AR data can be superimposed in real time, and the battlefield situation can be visualized in real time.

3. Stable flight in harsh environments

Four-in-one avionics protection, triple redundant safety flight control, stable and reliable; wind resistance level 8, normal operation under extreme temperature (- 20℃ ~55℃), 5500m+ high altitude environment stable flight.

4. Concealed Flight

Pure electric mute, radar reflection surface is small, ultra-low altitude covert flight is not easy to detect.

5. Modularized design, quick assembly and strike

Modularized design of fuselage, wings, and mission load, "tool-less" disassembly and assembly, quick assembly and replacement, simple and portable maintenance.

6. Long endurance, large payload, all-in-one

The maximum load is 10kg, and the load is rich. In addition to mounting reconnaissance loads such as optical pods, it can be equipped with small smart ammunition and small unguided munitions, and has an ultra-long endurance of 4 hours.

7. Dynamic platform takeoff and landing

Built-in anti-jamming sensors can realize the take-off and landing of moving platforms, which can easily cope with the stable take-off and landing under the non-steady state of high-speed movement or complex sea conditions.

8. Stand-alone 100km Data Transmission, Expandable

The standard 100km data chain can be used to form an aircraft-aircraft relay flight, overcoming the interference of battlefield terrain.

Technical Parameters:

Take-off and landing mode Vertical take-off and landing                
Effective operating radius                                50km/100km              
Practical lifting limit6000m
Cruising speed65-120km/h
Positioning accuracy1cm horizontal, 2cm vertical
Endurance180min (with dual light pod)
Transportation box size1560mmx630mmx817mm


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