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Full Band Frequency Radio Interferometer


Product Description:

According to the principle of radio communication, the use of SDR digital interference technology, can interfere with the 200-6000MHz frequency range of wireless devices within the wireless signal connection, cell phone performance for searching the network, no signal, no service phenomenon; UAV lost instant messaging link performance for the return to the flight or landing; walkie-talkie can not talk; remote control signal blocking. That can be portable temporary deployment control use and can be vehicle mobile protection, built-in battery can be very convenient to send out interference electromagnetic wave, the formation of protective cover, effectively preventing lawless elements through radio communication technology remote control explosives, instant messaging, cell phone communication, spread the news and so on.

Product Features:

1. Full band coverage, SDR digital interference source, covering frequency 20MHz-6000MHz.

2. Adopt trolley case portable design, suitable for emergency deployment, classified control, explosion-proof and other scenes, convenient and flexible, both portable use and vehicle use.

3. Military specification case, dustproof, shockproof, drop-proof.

4. Modular design is easy to upgrade and maintain, if you need to upgrade and replace the module, simply plug and play.

5. Built-in DC28V battery and external AC220V power supply can be freely converted (built-in battery use time 60 minutes, external uninterrupted work).

6. The machine is built-in high-efficiency intelligent cooling fan and heat sink, to ensure the stability of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.

Product Parameters:

Jamming systemSDR digital jamming technology
Interference objectRemote control, walkie-talkie, 2G/3G/4G/5G cell phone, drone, network drone, analog and digital cordless phone, Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS and amateur radio equipment, etc.
Product structureTrolley case design, single unit configured with 8 high power jamming modules, can work independently.
Frequency range

CH1: 20-500MHz

CH2: 500-2700MHz

CH3: 2700-6000MHz

CH4: 750-960MHz

CH5: 1800-2200MHz

CH6: 2300-2700MHz

CH7: 3300-3800MHz

CH8: 4800-5900MHz

Interference distance5G cell phone 50 meters, UAV 500 meters, walkie-talkie 50 meters, remote control 50 meters (depending on the target and environmental impact)
Transmit power600W
Frequency band settingPreset cell phone jamming frequency, drone jamming frequency, walkie-talkie remote control frequency
Line control Touch screen, preset frequency
Power supply modeAC/DC switching, built-in battery DC28V, can be equipped with external battery box
Continuous operation time Built-in battery 24V56AH, 1 hour, external AC220V uninterrupted work
Main unit size640mm x 505mm x 430mm (without antenna)
AntennaGain:5-10dbi, VSWR≥1.5
Operating temperature-40℃~+50℃
Overload protectionDC or AC dual-use, voltage or current abnormalities, the system automatically opens overload protection
One-key startAll transmitter modules can be started by one key
Communication window opening The system has a communication window opening function


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