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F50-GF Fire-fighting Drone

Dry powder spray type

The F50-GF fire-fighting drone can be mounted with 24kg special-effect dry powder, which can spray dry powder on a large area of the fire. It is equipped with a rotary dry powder spray pipe, which can spray dry powder at any angle. F50-GF fire-fighting drone can be applied in high buildings fire fighting, forest fire fighting, factory petrochemical fire fighting and other restricted fire fighting areas.

                                                                                Mount System
Dual light pod (standard configuration)10x HD visible light +640 infraredwith temperature measurement
Image transmission distance>10kmWide area
Image data transmission link frequency band2.4G+840MDual Link Design
Mounted dry powder net weight>24kg
Mounted dry powder tank quantity2pcsAluminum dry powder fire extinguishing tank
Dry powder typeSpecial-effect dry powder
Dry powder coverage area300㎡
Dry powder spray pipe angelAdjustable from 0 to 90 degrees


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