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Drone Detection and Countermeasure Equipment


I. Overview of drone detection and countermeasure equipment

UAV direction finding and positioning countermeasure equipment is an integrated system for UAV detection and early warning, target identification, direction finding, positioning, interference disposal and control; it can be equipped with vehicle-mounted components, fixed installation components and temporary deployment components, which is flexible and suitable for multi-scenario applications.

1. Detection and positioning: passive passive spectrum detection is adopted, with a detection frequency of 20MHz-6GHz, receiving UAV radio signals in the detection area through multi-array direction-finding and positioning antennae, and utilizing radio protocol parsing technology, automatically detecting and identifying the latitude and longitude coordinates of commonly-used UAVs, altitude, speed, direction, model, SN code, take-off point, etc., and reporting them to the management and control platform for real-time display and data processing. Display and data processing. Demodulation of physical layer and link layer information, extracting the unique identification of UAVs for accurate identification of UAVs, thus realizing the functions of same frequency differentiation, black and white list, etc.; high-precision synchronization of the frame structure, obtaining the signal frame timestamps, phases, and coherent power, which can be used for the orientation and positioning system; the detection distance is up to 15km; more than 60 UAVs can be detected at the same time, which covers more than 95% of UAVs available in the market.

2. Interference disposal: adopts high-speed digital frequency sweeping technology, realizes the interference of UAV navigation, remote control, and map transmission communication signals by means of electromagnetic interference, so as to force the UAV to return or land, and realizes the precise interference to the designated UAVs; omnidirectional interference range can reach 1-2km, and directional interference range can reach 3-5km, and it can also be configured with different antennas to realize the most economical and optimal performance to meet the requirements of regional coverage, according to the application environment and requirements. Optimal performance to meet the regional coverage requirements.

3. Management and control platform: based on SOA architecture, it provides various access methods such as webpage and APP, and can realize access and management control of more than 20 sets of drone detection and countermeasure equipment, with electronic map display, equipment positioning icon, drone positioning icon, remote control positioning icon, orientation pointing and other displays, operation status monitoring, data recording and querying, frequency spectrum diagram, sound and light alarm, unattended, black and white, manual interference secondary verification, and manual interference secondary verification. List, manual interference secondary verification, manual automatic switching, data analysis and other functions, and support the subsequent expansion of access to other drone countermeasures systems or equipment, including radar, photoelectricity, deception and so on.

4. Vehicle-mounted supporting components: vehicle mounting bracket, power distribution box, vehicle battery, UPS, generator, battery operating time detection continues to work 12h, interference 2h, support access to AC220V continuous work.

5. Fixed installation components: holding pole bracket, cement base, power distribution box, lightning protection, etc. Access to AC220V continuous work.

6. Temporary deployment components: tripod, mobile power, deployed anywhere and anytime to use.

II. Composition of drone detection and countermeasure equipment

The product mainly consists of detection host, interference host, power cord, network cable and laptop, as shown in the table below:

Equipment NameQuantityUnitRemarks
Detection mainframe1SetStandard
Interference host (omni-directional or directional)1Set
Power cord, network cable1PieceStandard
Laptop computer1Set
Vehicle: vehicle mounting bracket, distribution box, mobile power supply, generator, modification1SetOn-demand options
Fixed: holding pole, base, distribution box, wiring, lightning protection1SetOptional on demand
Temporary control: tripod, mobile power1SetOptional on demand

III. Main functions and features

1. Passive detection: only passively receiving and not transmitting any electromagnetic signals, detecting the spontaneous signals of drones, detecting the brand, model, frequency and other information of the black-flying drones, not affected by rain, snow and fog, with all-weather, all-day, 360°detection.

2. Unattended: When unattended is turned on, it realizes efficient drone defense management, and the control platform automatically turns on the jamming disposal after detecting the black-flying drone, and the jamming duration and cycle duration can be set.

3. Direction finding function: adopting high-precision lateral positioning technology and protocol cracking technology to realize accurate direction finding for black-flying drones, and the direction finding accuracy of mainstream drones is less than 5m.

4. Drone and flyer positioning: It can locate DJI series drones and remote control location information, and real-time display drone latitude and longitude coordinate information, orientation information, distance information, speed, height, and so on.

5. Trajectory function: can display real-time positioning drone flight trajectory

6. Black and white list: Identify the unique serial number of the drone, mark the white list with one key, after adding the legal flying drone to the white list, the system will not generate alarm after the drone flies into the protected area.

7. Full model library: The system can recognize and detect DJI, DaoTong, Parrot, Dahua, HaoXiang, 3DR, Xiaomi, Yihang, Zero, Yidian and other common brand drones as well as homemade traversing machines, WiFi machines and other most of the models on the market;

8. Ultra-long distance warning: under the environment of no interference and no obstruction, the detection distance of multi-array lateral positioning antenna can reach up to 15km; measures can be taken in advance. Covering more than 95% of UAVs in the market.

9. Precision strike: for specified models, it can crack the communication protocol of drones, detect the FM signal of drones, and precisely control drones by using narrow-band jamming.

10. Wide-band strikes: using high-speed digital frequency sweeping technology, high-power RF amplification technology, and omni-directional antennas, it can simultaneously interfere with multiple drones in multiple directions, forcing the drones to return or land.

11. Data statistics and analysis: Provide statistics, display and analysis of detection and countermeasure data, including UAV flight data, time, list, historical trajectory, alarms and other statistical information.

12. Electronic map: support online and offline updating of the map

13. Mobile operation: the device can operate normally under the state of high-speed movement.

14. Database upgrade: Support remote free upgrade, according to the change of drone industry, the model library is updated from time to time.


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