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D5 Electric Multi-Rotor Fire-fighting Drone


It is used for urban fire reconnaissance, forest fire reconnaissance, and natural disaster reconnaissance. It can transmit the real-time image of the disaster scene to the command center synchronously, and display it on the mobile terminal. It's equipped with bomber parachute buffer system, high-definition camera system and intelligent voice playback system.

1. It has the functions of one-button take-off and landing, one-button return, pointing and positioning flight and video storage.
2. The UAV control system can search the target position, and the UAV flies according to the search position.
3. Equipped with an emergency parachute, the parachute will be opened and landed slowly in the event of an accident.
4. Equipped with high-definition camera to ensure that the drone can track the target in real time.
5. The arm can be folded and disassembled without tools, which is convenient for vehicle transportation.

FunctionScouting / Shouting / Lighting
Unfolded dimension1250*1100*600mm
Folded dimension650*600*600mm
Maximum payload5kg
Maximum takeoff weight15kg
GPS Hover accuracyVertical: 0.5m Horizontal: 0.2m
Maximum level flight speed12m/s
Maximum flight altitude500m
Wind resistance level6
Maximum flight time40 min
Operating temperature-30~60℃
Obstacle perception range50m
Effective speaker distance300m
Way of shoutingRecording upload, Real-time shouting, Text broadcast, Memory playback
Luminous flux21000±3%lm
Total pixels2.13MP
Thermal imager640*480,35mm lens,25Hz
Target TrackingSupport
Onboard video storageSupport Maximum 128G


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