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D30 Electric Multi-Rotor Fire-fighting Drone

CategoryTechnical parameters
Wheelbase:1900mm; No-load take-off weight: 35kg (including battery) Maximum take-off weight: 65 kg

Max ascending speed: 5 m/s

Max descending speed: 3 m/s

Maximum horizontal flight speed:

Positioning mode: 5-12m/s (adjustable; no wind environment)

Cruise mode: 5-15m/s (adjustable; no wind environment)

Attitude mode: 15m/s (adjustable; no wind environment)

Maximum tiltable angle:

Positioning Mode: 30° Movement Mode: 30° Attitude Mode: 30°

Maximum rotational angular velocity: 120°/s;

Maximum withstand wind speed: 12 m/s;

Wind resistance level: 6;

No-load battery life: 58 minutes

Working environment temperature: -20℃to +60℃

IP protection class: IP54

Satellite positioning module: GPS/GLONASS/BDS/GALILEO;

Hovering Accuracy: Vertical: ±0.5 m (when GPS positioning works normally)

Horizontal: ±0.1 m (when GPS positioning works normally)

Enable RTK: Vertical: ±10cm     Horizontal: ±5cm
Handheld Ground Station Remote Control1. Portable ground station, weight≤1.3kg, light and easy to carry; integrates all functions of APP, ground station and remote controller;
2. Support all intelligent operations of drone flight, including one-button take-off, one-button descent, one-button return, route planning, waypoint planning, automatic return and other functions;
3. Support coordinate positioning and coordinate sharing function, support target point sharing function;
4. Support offline/online map;
5. Support all intelligent control of fire-fighting and rescue functions such as one-button photo/video, one-button casting, one-button shooting, and one-button powder spraying;
6. Independent OLED status display, support data monitoring of the core flight status of the drone;
7. Screen size: 7.86inch, 1080P high-definition high-brightness wide-temperature LCD screen, support real-time display of drone reconnaissance video;
8. Resolution/Width:2048*1536/2000cb/m2;
9. RAM:RAM:4G;ROM:16G;
10. Android system, Android 5.1;
11. Operating frequency: 2.4GHz dual frequency;
12. Control distance≥6m, image distance≥6km; maximum control distance 10km.(in open space and without interference);
13. Replaceable built-in battery; built-in battery: 7.4V9000mAh Lipo 2S;
14. Endurance time≥3h;
15. Video output interface: HDMI, supports real-time output of HDMI data, and can directly transfer real-time images to the command center and background;
16. -20°≤working environment temperature (including battery)≤50°;
17. The IP protection level is higher than IP43;
18. MTBF≥500 switch
Trisomy CameraStandard-definition digital signal; Waterproof and dustproof design; High-efficiency LED night lighting for night work; Resolution: 640*360 Working voltage: 12-72V; Working current: 140mA
Millimeter wave Radar

Ranging range: 50m; Obstacle sensing range: 3-15m (adjustable);

FOV: horizontal 28°, vertical 18°; measurement frequency: 24GHz

Battery3pcs lithium battery; total weight 15kgs

AC input: 200-240V; Charging power: 1500W dual channel; Discharging power: 60W;

Charge Current Range: 0-25.0A x 2

Discharge current: 2.0A*2; Balance current: 1.0-1.5A/section;

Rechargeable Battery Type: Lithium Battery (LiPo) / High Voltage Lithium Battery (LiHV)

Number of Lithium Batteries: 14 x 2; Charging Modes: Quick Charge, Precise Charge, Battery Storage


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