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C1-XR Dual Input Multi-functional Balance Charger/Discharger


This intelligent balance charger C1-XR is designed for RC hobby users from all the world.
Compact design but complete functions, microcomputer control included: charge
current, end charging voltage and many other protective functions.

Multi-protection System

The C1-XR’s advanced power management system gives you more control and safely extends your battery’s operating life. It provides the ability to charge at a rapid rate and more safely than other chargers.

AC/DC Dual Input

Charge faster and more securely with dual input ports for convenience. This universal charger can support AC 100- 240V, which is perfect for any applications around the world, making travel a breeze. DC 11 -18V is ideal for outdoor use.

LCD Intuitive Display

Get more detailed information during the charging process.The LCD screen instantly displays charging information, including battery mode, charging mode, cell counts, battery capacity, battery current.

Memory Save&Load

This charger supports various batteries including LiPo/LiFe/NiMH/NiCd/Pb meeting your different needs, which are capable of storing Max.10 sets of charge/discharge memory files to save time on parameter settings.

C1-XR Details 01C1-XR Details 02C1-XR Details 03C1-XR Details 04C1-XR Details 05C1-XR Details 06


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