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BWR-T20 Low Altitude Surveillance Radar


I. Overview

BWR-T20 low altitude surveillance radar adopts mainly used in low altitude and ground surveillance, the radar adopts digital beam forming technology, low equivalent omni-directional radiated power and high search data rate. The radar adopts adaptive clutter suppression technology and dense target pre-detection tracking technology, with extremely low clutter false alarm rate, which can automatically track and build navigation for more than 500 batches of targets and output high-precision position information.

II. Main Functions

1. Three-coordinate system with 360° azimuth coverage and >60° pitch coverage;

2. With the function of indicating the coordinates and speed information of active targets within the radar scanning range;

3. With the function of automatically indicating the movement track of the target;

4. Equip with the function of filtering clutter, and do not establish effective trajectory for ground clutter, water clutter and meteorological clutter.

III. Main indicators

Operating frequency10~10.2GHz
Number of frequency hopping5
Pitch coverage (pitch field of view)-5 to 60°
Azimuth coverage (horizontal field of view)360°
Detection distance≥8Km (Genie 4 UAV), ≥12Km (personnel), ≥20Km (helicopter, vehicle)
Detection height≥3000 meters
Blind zone≤50m
Ranging accuracy≤5m (RMS)
Angle measurement accuracyazimuth: ≤0.4° (RMS), pitch: ≤0.4° (RMS)
Antenna speed30rpm (180°/s)
Simultaneous tracking of target batches≥500 batches
Tracking speed range1~100m/s
Excellent anti-clutter capability, common clutter does not cause false alarms;
Environmental adaptability-40~+55℃
Operating humidity≯60%
Protection gradeIP66
Power consumption≤350W
Array size600*800*85mm


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