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BWR-T10A Low Altitude Surveillance Radar


I. Overview

BWR-T10A moving target surveillance radar adopts azimuth mechanical scanning and pitch digital beam forming system, which can continuously detect and track the moving targets in the area all day long and all-weather, and has the advantages of high detection sensitivity, low false alarm rate and high accuracy. The main functions of the product are:

1. To elf UAV detection radius ≥ 6km, to personnel detection radius ≥ 8km, to vehicles, ships detection radius ≥ 10km, azimuth coverage of 360 °, pitch angle coverage of 35 °, the detection performance is not affected by climate and light;

2. Track more than 150 moving targets in the field of view, real-time output target distance, speed, orientation, height, type and other information, to realize the suspicious target positioning, early warning function;

3. Set up shielding area, warning area, realize target cross-border alarm, alarm log record and playback;

4. Support radar photoelectricity linkage, guide the HD camera to video tracking, capture, video recording of the target;

5. Good compatibility and expandability, easy to dock with other platforms, support multi-device networking.

II. Product Advantages

1. High data rate and tracking capability.

The radar supports the fastest 180°/s azimuthal scanning speed, which can simultaneously track multiple targets in a wide range of speed intervals. Utilizing the tracking algorithm based on multi-dimensional and multi-featured, it has strong target discrimination ability, high tracking accuracy and low probability of false tracking, providing users with accurate, intuitive and rich information.

2. Low false alarm probability.

Through the use of adaptive clutter suppression algorithm, automatic matching tracking environment features change, can effectively filter trees, crops, clouds, rain, waves and other environmental clutter false alarms, in bad weather and complex terrain conditions have far more than similar products detection performance.

3. Wide detection range, high precision.

The radar detection distance of the elf UAV can reach more than 5km, covering 35° elevation sector, with high accuracy of azimuth and pitch angle measurement, which can guide the optoelectronic system to track small targets precisely.

4. Cost-effective and easy to operate.

The radar adopts advanced institutional hardware platform, with strong comprehensive system performance and obvious cost advantage. Friendly man-machine interface, plug and play, without too much manual intervention.

III. Areas of application

Border Surveillance

Sea Surface Surveillance

Vitality protection

Battlefield reconnaissance

IV. Main indicators

Operating frequencyX-band
Working systemazimuth mechanical scanning, pitch digital beam forming (DBF) system
Number of frequency hopping4
Pitch coverage (pitch field of view)-5~30°
Azimuth coverage (horizontal field of view)360°
Detection height≥800 meters
Detection distance≥6Km (Genie 4 UAV), ≥8Km (personnel), ≥10Km (vehicle)
Angle measurement accuracyazimuth: ≤0.4° (RMS), pitch: ≤0.4° (RMS)
Distance measurement accuracy≤5m (RMS)
Blind zone≤50m
Antenna speed30RPM (180°/s)
Simultaneous tracking of target batches≥ 200 batches
Detection of radial velocity range1 ~ 100m / s
Excellent anti-clutter ability, common clutter does not cause false alarms
Power consumption≤ 225W
Power supply rangeDC power supply, 30 ~ 52V
Communication interfaceGigabit Ethernet
Environmental adaptabilityoperating temperature -40 ~ +55 ℃, protection grade IP65
Weight≤ 20Kg
Host size (excluding servo)580 * 500 * 75mm


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