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BS-3000 6 Hours Endurance VTOL Drone


The flight specifications of the BS-3000 VTOL fixed-wing drone:

1. Fixed wingspan: 3000mm

2. Multi-rotor wheelbase: 1500mm

3. Maximum unladen weight: 15kg

4. Mission Load: 1~5kg

5. Power System: Pure Electricity

6. Take-off weight: Standard take-off weight 15kg; Maximum take-off weight 18kg.

7. Maximum endurance: 6 hours @2000WH battery

8. Load cruise time: 6 hours @ 1kg load; 3 hours @ 3kg load;

9. Load cruise speed: 18m/s@1kg load; 20m/s@3kg load;

10. Range: 424km@1kg load; 288km@3kg load;

11. Minimum cruise airspeed: 12m/s@1kg load; 14m/s@3kg load; 16m/s@10kg load.

12. Fixed-wing turning radius: 80m@1kg load; 120m@3kg load; 150m@10kg load.

13. Rotor mode wind resistance level :5/safety operation 10m/s

14. Fixed-wing mode wind resistance level: Class 6/12m/s

15. Rain resistance: light rain / 30 minutes / must do the necessary waterproof treatment

16. Maximum relative flying height: 1500m/restricted height, can be changed.

17. Sea level climb rate: 3m/s

18. Maximum take-off and landing altitude :5000m

19. Maximum lift: 7000m

20. Mounting capacity: photoelectric pod, tilt camera interchangeable

21. Measurement and control radius: ≥50km


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