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Air tiger-50 Vertical Take-off and Landing VTOL Drone


Air tiger-50 Vertical Take-off and Landing VTOL Drone


1. Application: Air tiger-50 is a kind of tail thrust tandem wing VTOL drone. The fuselage is made of carbon fiber composite material, which is of high strength and liaht weight. Air tiger-50 has the advantages in large scale surveying and mapping tasks with heavy and precise instruments.

2. Design method: Combine aerodynamics and aesthetics with the structure of sweep forward &positive-dihedral front wings and arc dihedral rear wings. Air tiger-50 adopts a lifting blended-wing-body structure.There is no surplus piece to generate unnecessary aerodynamic resistance.

3. Advantages: There is a large cabin for varieties of payload. The maximum payload weight can reach 45kg. There are brackets in the fuselage. which is convenient for equipment installation. The modular power system design making the tail power cabin can be equipped with engine or motor, Air tiger-50’s taking off weight is 95kg, however, it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble the drone because of the plug-in structure between the fuselage and the wings.

Technical Parameters:

Length2566mm (without engine), 2900mm (with engine)
Height930 mm
Wingspanfront 3523mm, rear 5100mm
Engine170cc petrol (gasoline) piston engine
Payload45kg (with fuel)
Take-off weight95kg
Endurance6h (20kg payload)
Level cruising speed32 m/s
Climb rate4 m/s (fixed wing)
Altitude5000 m
Wind resistancetakeoff and landing level 5; cruising level 6


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