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AF-80Y Emergency Lighting Tethered UAV


1. Parameters of drone

Diagonal motor wheelbase735mm
Weight2.2kg (with battery)
Maximum ascending speed3m/s
Maximum descent speed0.8m/s
Maximum horizontal flight speed12m/s
Maximum wind class≤7
Power system6S 20A FOC ESC
Propeller19-inch silent propeller
Power supplyLipo 6s
Protection classIP54

2. Parameters of power supply box

Power supply box shell colorMilitary green
Cable length60m to 110m (default 60m)
Weight13.45kg (including cable)
Rated power3kw
Dimensions422mm (L) × 350mm (W) × 225mm (H)
Rated Input VoltageAC 220V+10
Output voltageDC 380-420V
Rated input current≤16A
Rated output current9A
Take-up modeAuto take-up/manual take-up

3. On-board power supply

Power SizeL103mm*W53mm*H47mm
Power supply weight 400g±10g
Input Voltage380Vdc~420Vdc
Output Voltage23.7Vdc~25.2Vdc
Product featuresAir-cooled heat dissipation, heat dissipation tooth structure, rated power 1.5KW, can be connected in parallel equalization of current

4. Lighting lamp AF-L100 (single parameter)

ModelNo. AF-L100
Weight200g (without strap and cable)
Power80W (need sufficient heat dissipation)
Input power20~60Vdc
Current 1.3~4A
Starting point of automatic temperature protection60︒C (60~79℃ to reduce power, above 85℃ LED off)
Working modeLights up when energized (optional controller)
Luminous flux10000lm (calculated, not actually tested)
Tying arm diameter20 ~ 40cm (D = 40cm maximum, otherwise the strap is easy to break)


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