What do efficient, stable agricultural drones look like? Let's take a look today!

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What do efficient, stable agricultural drones look like? Let's take a look today!

With the development of the times, more and more high-tech products apply into the agricultural, today we are going to talk about Hseason H460 drone.

The agricultural drone mainly performs sowing and spraying work through low altitude flight. Its operational efficiency far exceeds that of traditional operations, greatly reducing the cost of manpower; today I will talk about the other two key indicators of drones: stability and efficiency.

1, how to judge whether the drone is stable?

We all know that drone is rotating through the rotor to generate power, which drives the fuselage. The more transmission axes there are, the more stability points there are to support it. Therefore, we understand that the stability of the drone and the transmission of power support axis is closely related.

The majority of drones on the market today are four-axis based. If one of the axes becomes unstable, the flight balance will be upset and there is a risk of a crash. This is why the newly developed H460 agricultural drone from E-Line Technology has been upgraded to a 6-axis drone based on the traditional 4-axis. On the basis of ensuring that the four support points are balanced, two new axes are added to assist in the flight, thus enhancing its stability.

2, how to judge the efficiency of the drone?

When it comes to the efficiency of drones, many people will focus directly on the battery, load and other data indicators, but in the same few grades of the price range, the data will not be too far apart. Because everyone will be concerned about these, if the gap is too large, it is easy to create doubts about the customer's purchase.

In fact, there is a key factor that has been ignored, that is the pressure pump and nozzle. Because drones fly fast, they can quickly spread pesticides or fertilisers into the flight path, but because of the fast flight speed, the amount of spray nozzles needed to spray is much greater than the amount of spraying done by hand. To ensure that no spillage or uneven spraying occurs, this poses a challenge to traditional pressure pumps and nozzles.

The easy-to-use H460 agricultural drone is designed with one axis corresponding to two nozzles, forming 6 axes and 12 nozzles 360 degrees around the fuselage, so that there are no dead ends in flight operations. The dual-core pressure pump boosts pressure to ensure that the nozzles have sufficient power for spreading and a wide spraying range.

Spraying + spreading, with upgraded load capacity of up to 45 kg, for efficient operation. The folding reduces the space occupied by 70%, which is convenient for transportation and transfer.

Hseason H460, deserve for you.

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