Spreading 150 kg of fertiliser in a minute, planting 285 mu of fields in an hour ......

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Spreading 150 kg of fertiliser in a minute, planting 285 mu of fields in an hour ......

The maximum effective flight speed can reach 13.8 m/s, and the fertiliser dispersion volume can reach 150 kg/min. ...... On 25 October, two new heavyweight agricultural technology products - the P100 Pro and V50 Pro 2023 agricultural drones - were teamed up to were unveiled. 

The P100 Pro has a payload of 50 kg, a maximum spray flow of 22 litres per minute and a sowing and pushing speed of 150 kg per minute, allowing the P100 Pro to reach a planting and sowing efficiency of 285 mu and 1300 kg per hour in large fields. The agricultural drone also has more powerful motors and larger propellers, enabling the P100 Pro to fly at full speed at a rated load of 50 kg at a flight speed of 13.8 m/s, greatly improving operational efficiency. The new 4D imaging radar offers exponential improvements in range and accuracy, enabling the P100 Pro to fly around obstacles at a relative speed of 13.8 m/s, combining efficiency and safety. At the same time, it can continuously atomise liquids from 60 to 400 microns, maintaining stability even at high speeds of 13.8m/s.

In addition to the P100 Pro, another agricultural drone, the V50 Pro, also attracted a lot of attention. When the farm manager does not need a large 50 kg load, the V50 Pro is more economical and flexible, folding down to a smaller size so that a van can pull it away directly, making it easier to transport and allowing efficient work with one person and one aircraft.

In addition, the new generation of agricultural drones can be operated not only in a powerful fully autonomous flight mode, but also by remote control and in a netless environment using the new ARC3 Pro two-handed remote control.

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