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Sip10q6 Camera

   SIP10Q6 integrates a 10x optical zoom camera, a 640x480 thermal imaging sensor, and a high-precision 3-axis stabilizing ball-type gimbal. 
It is output RTSP video stream through network port, and also support IP control.
   It adopts high-precision FOC encoder and it is characterized by high stability, small size, light weight, and low power consumption. The camera supports visual and infrared imagining. Its low light level sensor has 4M effective pixels and the thermal imaging sensor adopts a 640x480 resolution imaging detector.
   Besides, it provides real time picture-in-picture(PIP) displaying function in ground software and allows storing their data in local TF card. More practically, it is very convenient for users to switch among different PIP displaying modes and thermal pseudo color switch without interrupting data transmission (visual&infrared images) and zoom function.
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