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PC6 Rice Transplanter




More advanced automatic level control function, more in line with the scientific transplanting of rice


Equipped with a high-horsepower and high-quality engine, low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption, high reliability and longer service life


The operation handle is centrally configured, and the machine can be easily controlled while working.

Product   model PC6
Body   size Length (mm) 2350
Width (mm) 2100
Height (mm) 930
Body weight (kg) 183
Engine Model number FJ180G Kawasaki
Maximum power/horsepower (kw {PS}) 4.3{5.9}
Rated power/horsepower (kw {PS}) 3.3 {4.5}
Displacement (L) 0.179
Fuel tank capacity (L) 4.5
Walking   department Insertion speed (m/s) 0.8
Wheel diameter (mm) 660
Wheel drive method Drive shaft type
Insertion   Department Number of shares   switch 5   stages (3 stages, single-touch type × 2 sets of alternating gears)
Number of plants inserted (plant/m2) 90 · 80﹒ 70/70 · 60 ·   50
Horizontal transfer (times) 3 stages   (20,18,14)※24 times are optional
Insert claw Seedling claw 14.5Z   (precision casting system)
Large plant spacing corresponds to the width of   the seedling mouth (mm) 23.5
Working efficiency   (mu/hour) (varies depending on the field) Maximum 4


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