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PC4 Rice Transplanter




High-quality engine

Equipped with a high-horsepower and high-quality engine, low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption, high reliability and longer service life.


The operation handle is centrally configured, and the machine can be easily controlled while working.



Tear-off seedling needle, wear-resistant and reliable, does not hurt the seedlings, and returns to youth quickly.

Product Model
Body   size Length (mm) 2180
Width   (mm) 1500
Height   (mm) 930
Body weight (kg) 155
Engine Model FJ180G Kawasaki
type Air-cooled 4-stroke   1-cylinder OHV gasoline engine
Power/rotation   speed (kw/ps/rpm) 2.9 (4.0)/1600   maximum (5.5)
Displacement   (cc) 179
Fuel   tank capacity (L) 3.2
Starting   method Hand-held recoil type
Walking   department Wheel form Rubber non-slip   wheels
Wheel   outer diameter (mm) 660
Wheel   track (mm) 640
Variable   speed mode Mechanical variable   speed
Working   speed (m/s) 0.77
Number   of gears Forward 2 gears.Rear   gear 1st gear
Body   up and down adjustment Hydraulic automatic   adjustment up and down
Insertion   Department Insertion method Crank rocker type
Number   of rows inserted 4
Insertion   spacing (mm) 300
Insertion   distance (cm) 14, 16, 18
Number   of plants inserted (plant/3.3㎡) 80, 70, 60
Insertion   depth (cm) (file) 0.4--4 (7 gears)
Seedling   needle form Alloy steel die-cast   seedling needle
Adjustment of the number of plants per hole Adjustment of the   number of plants per hole, horizontal transfer amount (mm) 15.6,14.0,11.7
Number of horizontal transfers (times) 18,20,24 (3 gears)
Longitudinal adjustment amount (mm) 8~19
Large plant spacing corresponds to the width of the   seedling mouth (mm) none
Automatic balancing   device none
Working efficiency   (mu/hour) (varies depending on the field) Maximum 3


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