Military unmanned bomber——LOONG series

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Military unmanned bomber——LOONG series

2023-02-07The increasing role of drones in modern warfare has been accompanied by the advancement of the practice of warfare and the increasing visibility of low-cost drones, which are commercial drones turned military, and by military standards are lower-rated versions.

If examined, the LOONG system drone is more in line with the low-cost concept than the low-cost suicide drone, using a cheap drone platform with low-cost munitions, which is not only built but also forms a fairly complete system.

From the introduction it is clear that the LOONG system UAVs are characterised by their simplicity of use and, most importantly, their adequate combat power. Among other things: the LOONG4 has a take-off weight of 26 kg, a maximum load capacity of 10 kg and can stay in the air for four hours, flying at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. With an extremely stealthy design, smaller in itself and with a small radar reflective area to be powered by electricity, it also has a small thermal signature. It is difficult to detect using radar and electro-optical warheads and has the ability to resist electronic interference.


The LOONG4 UAV can carry six 60mm mortar rounds, which can also be replaced by four 82mm mortar rounds, and can be dropped with an accuracy of up to 3m. From Russian-Ukrainian operational experience, well-hidden objects can be attacked vertically and precisely from above, and in addition to being effective, the attacks can be repeated until the target is destroyed and are usually difficult to detect by the opponent.

The LOONG5, a vertical take-off and landing type, is the world's first vertical take-off and landing unmanned bomber ready for mass production, with a wingspan of 5.018m, length of 3.58m and height of 0.85m. It weighs 65 kg at take-off and can carry a payload of 20 kg. It can stay in the air for 4 hours, has a range of 280 km and usually operates within a radius of 80 km.

In the world of UAVs, the flag of Chinese manufacturing has been raised and the "LOONG" series of UAVs is already doing and can do much more than that. With the rapid development of technology, it is foreseeable that more family members and capabilities will emerge in the future to accomplish even more missions than ever imagined.

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