Micro drone that can shoot volcanoes in Iceland, EVO Nano+ new tool for aerial photography lovers!

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Micro drone that can shoot volcanoes in Iceland, EVO Nano+ new tool for aerial photography lovers!

It is reported that on August 3, local time, Iceland's Fagradal volcano near the town of Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula erupted, with thick lava seeping out of cracks in the earth. Among the 30 active volcanic systems under the glaciers, the Gladar volcano erupted again after 6,000 years of dormancy, attracting tourists from around the world to photograph and witness the spectacular sight.

My attention was also drawn to the work of a British photographer, Hugo Healy, who photographed the lava formations up close and personal via drone. The lava broke through the earth's crust and spurted out of the ground, leaving a bright red color in its wake. The crater was blindingly golden, the veins of magma were clearly visible, and there were rising columns of smoke that interpreted the changes of the sea.

And this photographer is using the very Downtone Smart EVO Nano+. This is a micro drone of only 249g, and many people think that such a small and portable drone is just an entry-level drone, suitable for novice aerial photographers. But this product is with very strong performance, but also many aerial photographers used to shoot landscape blockbusters. It is able to shoot such clear images under the extreme environment of magnetic field interference and high temperature baking like the Icelandic volcanic eruption, so it is clear that the flight performance is very good.

This product is a very compact product, many countries around the world currently regulate drones with 250g as the dividing line. 249g body is more friendly in terms of policy, making it more convenient for shooters to carry when traveling. The colors of the product include Tanxia Orange, Glacier White, Deep Sky Gray, and Red Flame Red, with a more fashionable color clash design and different styles to give users more room to choose.

From the drone photos of volcanic eruptions can also be seen, the picture quality is good, the processing of light and dark is great, the details are also retained very rich, to the creator also left plenty of space for post. Especially at night, the photos of the eruption can be seen in the surrounding environment. And the color of the lava is vivid and pure, such performance is excellent for a pocket-sized drone.

The EVO Nano+ is capable of flying up to 800 m. When photographing volcanoes, photographers like Hugo Healy can stand far away from the crater and let the EVO Nano+ take off. If the terrain is complicated in the mountains, in addition to the downward-looking sensors, the EVO Nano series has a binocular obstacle avoidance system at the front and rear, with the ability to avoid obstacles outside the line of sight of the naked eye, allowing users to create more at will and with a greater sense of security.

In terms of focusing, the EVO Nano+ uses a hybrid focusing system to achieve millisecond autofocus, and moving objects can be captured quickly. So whether you're shooting the moment of a volcanic eruption, or the moment of a flying bird or an athlete running, you can capture it quickly and leave wonderful and wonderful images.

In terms of signal transmission, EVO Nano+ adopts the new Autel SkyLink tri-band picture transmission solution, which claims to transmit up to 10 km (FCC protocol), and the picture quality of picture transmission within 1 km can reach 2.7K. Photographers shooting in Iceland can go deeper into the volcano to explore, and we are able to have a longer distance transmission in our daily shooting, which also ensures clear and smooth picture, enhancing the shooting experience.

The EVO Nano series comes with the new Autel Sky App, which provides flight control, image creation, post-production editing, social sharing and other functions to meet the different needs of users. It allows us to shoot and create with more ease, and is easier for even a novice with zero knowledge to get started.

In the design details, EVO Nano series is also very attentive. This includes the ability to charge the product with a rechargeable battery, allowing us to replenish the power in a timely manner when there is no electricity outdoors; the folding design of the body frees up more storage space for us.

To sum up, the EVO Nano+ is a compact and portable product that is perfect for creators who travel outdoors. Its shooting performance is also very impressive, with good image quality, color performance, and night shooting mode. I believe that with such a product, you can shoot more diverse video footage and pictures, bring more interesting shots, and let us create more and more wonderful works.

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