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M2000 Remote Sensing Drone

  • M2000


With the fixed-wing VTOL design, M2000 Remote Sensing Drone is developed for high frequency and high demand aerial survey tasks of multiple scenarios, which allows one person to map fields of 533 hectares in an hour.

Equipped with A Super X4 Pro Intelligent Control System, the M2000 is capable of accessing quality geographic data, which helps build up digital field maps stably and rapidly to facilitate production decisions.


Accurate & Autonomous Flight

RTK Centimetre-Level Positioning

Automated Flight Planning


Flexible Take-off and Landing

Fixed-Wing VTOL Design
Quick Release Body

Sophisticated & Stable Imaging

XCam 20MP Pro Gimbal Camera
XCam 26MP APS-C Gimbal Camera
XCam 20H Hybrid Gimbal Camera
XCam 20M Multispectral Gimbal Camera

Safe & Efficient Images Stitching

Cluster Cloud Computing with Encryption

Post Processed Kinematic

VTOL For Flexible and Efficient Flight

The quick assembly XAG M2000 can be immediately deployed for operations. The combination structure of multiple rotors and fixed wings allows flexible take-off and landing. 3 kg EPP fuselage plus the high energy-density battery provide up to 90 minutes flight time and a range of 86 kilometers in a single flight.




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