Loong 5 Unmanned Bomber Debuts at Zhuhai Airshow, supports Single-Shot and Multi-Shot Modes

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Loong 5 Unmanned Bomber Debuts at Zhuhai Airshow, supports Single-Shot and Multi-Shot Modes

According to reports, the 14th China International Aerospace Expo was held in Zhuhai, which attracted the attention of the outside world.

Among them, the LOONG 5 small unmanned bomber attracted attention.This kind of drone is very portable.The aircraft itself and all accessories are packed in a box, which the operator can carry with him, and the assembly time does not exceed 1 minute.The machine is equipped with a rotating high-resolution camera group, which can monitor, track and lock targets day and night.The image can be sent to the operator or processed by the aircraft software.The sensor determines the target distance with an accuracy of 1 meter.These data can also be used by frontline artillery units.

If the task is not to guide the artillery, the drone can also drop bombs independently.The special fixed device for the fuselage can carry 6 60mm caliber or 4 82mm caliber bombs.The accuracy of dropping bombs does not exceed 3 meters, and the killing area can reach the size of a football field.

The report pointed out that the uniqueness of this unmanned bomber is that the software can control several drones at the same time, perform carpet bombing or destroy a large number of scattered targets.Tests have shown that no matter which mode of use the drone chooses, it can be competent for its own role: reconnaissance, aiming, and hitting fixed or moving targets.In addition, the designers said that it also exhibits strong anti-electronic interference capabilities.

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