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Swarm Bombing Drone
Aircraft TypeComposite Wing 4+2Wind ResistanceLevel 7
Dimensions5018*3580*850mmTake-off and Landing MethodAutonomous
Cruising Speed80km/hLoading Caliber/QuantityConventional 82mm mortar × 4
Conventional 60mm mortar × 6
Flight Radius80kmMin. Bombing Altitude200m
MTOW65kgMin. Bombing Altitude XY Error≤3m
Max. load20kgBombing ModeRoute Automatic Bombing
/ Manual Bombing,Single Shot
/ All Shots
Duration with Load120minOperating Temp-10~60℃
Max. Flight Duration240minMax. Take-off Altitude3000m
Max. Range280km

The LOONG 5 is a medium-to-large unmanned bomber with large bomb load and long flight time. The maximum load is 20kg and the maximum endurance is 240 minutes. It adopts a double tail support layout, and uses two independent power systems for cruise flight, with dual power backup.
The super-large load capacity allows it to load four 82mm and six 60mm mortars respectively, automatically generate the bombing route through the preset target position, and perform bombing tasks with one-key take-off and landing. It supports single-shot and multi-shot modes, suitable bombing height is 200~350m, and the accuracy of dropping bombs(@200m) is less than or equal to 3m, which is suitable for covering bombing in various wars.

  • One-key take-off and landing

  • Single bomb and multi bomb mode

  • 80km/h Fastest speed

  • 240min Flight time

  • 20Kg Task load

  • 280km Maximum range


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