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40L spray 
60L seeding box 
Battery capacity 18S-30000mAh
Six-rotor design
Pressure sprinkler mode
Dual centrifugal nozzle mode
Super mode
220V/380V inputs are supported


Product Description

1)Multi-mode: The industry's first multi-spray mode compatible large-load agricultural UAV, one aircraft can switch various mode.


Pressure Sprinkler Mode

Advantages: The spraying effect is much better than that of the centrifugal nozzle, the stainless steel nozzle extends the operating life, and the nozzle does not turn around.

Disadvantages: The flow rate is small, it is not suitable for large mu dosage, and powder pesticides are easy to clog.


Dual Centrifugal Nozzle Mode

Advantages: large water output, improve operating efficiency.

Disadvantages: easy drift in the wind, the line needs to turn aroundSuper mode


Super mode

Four centrifugal nozzle, line wrapping does not turn around. 

Improve efficiency and utilization.

2)Uavs for multi-scenario applications.

     Multi-scene: spraying, spreading everything proficient, improve the efficiency of aircraft use.



 Product Real Shot


Outdoor Shooting







           Multi-capacity: The agricultural UAV industry has the largest single battery capacity.



 Stability and Security Improve Efficiency

1)Six-rotor design, flight stability, easy to control

2)Before and after FPV, the operating environment is clear in the chest

3) Upgraded rotating radar, efficient obstacle circling, safe and reliable

4) Support night lighting, clear as day, safer operation



 Production Details






 Testing Quality——Comprehensive Testing to Improve Stability


projectcomparison   of parametersDescription of   Details
structural   configurationSix axis layoutSix axis is more stable, moresafe,more   convenient maintenance
Machine   weight (excluding battery)33.5kgThe volume is lighter and more convenient
smart   battery18S-30000mAh 2.1KWhMore capacity, one battery N operations
Sprinkler   head typeCentrifugal sprinkler head/high-pressure   sector sprinkler headMulti-mode support dual/four centrifugal   nozzle, support 12 high-pressure nozzle
Number of   sprinkler heads2/4 centrifugal or 12 high-pressure sprinkler   headsYour plane is your own, DIY, easier homework
maximum   flow13L/minMaximum flow rate, improve operating   efficiency

electric   generatorDouble output channelGasoline generator AC power generation,   wherever used, not bound with the set, not compulsory purchase buy,   single

1. Ac output 230V/8000WPhase generator for more scenarios

2. The AC output is 230V/2300W
fuel tank   capacity38LLarge volume, 25% more than the same product   capacity, support 10 hours uninterrupted operation
chargerSupport 220V mains and generator inputDirect connection of municipal power,   household electricity can also be charged, field 380V power can also be   charged, reduce the charging burden

Supports 380V input
radar·          Rotating radar barrier, imitation radar   accurate terrain identification to reserve visual radar interface

Rotating radar + imitation radar
FPV camerafront and back·          

Front and rear dual cameras, and reserved   night lighting headlight interface


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