Flagship Workpiece S400 Breaks New Ground of Professional Drones

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Flagship Workpiece S400 Breaks New Ground of Professional Drones

As the flagship work, S400 aims to bring efficient and safe high-quality solutions to the application of the UAV industry.

Six advantages of S400 professional four-rotor uav

1. Multi-machine relay networking, cross-barrier communication

The relay networking technology adopted by S400 can be flexibly applied to urban patrols with dense high-rise buildings and cross-mountain operations blocked by wild mountains. Cross-barrier communication is achieved through multiple UAV signal relays, which greatly reduces the number of staff round trips and transitions, and improves operational efficiency. We learned that this is also the first time in the industry to implement this technology on a professional-grade drone.

2. Millimeter wave radar perception, obstacle avoidance day and night, cable obstacle avoidance

The integration of millimeter-wave radar with binocular visual obstacle avoidance technology allows the S400 to perform equally well at night and avoid obstacles accurately.

3. 63 minutes battery life

The long battery life of up to 63 minutes makes it a wider range of single operations.

4. 1K ultra-clear infrared

With the industry's first 1K ultra-clear infrared PTZ, the effective pixel is as high as 1280*1024, and with dual-light superposition fusion imaging, it presents clearer marginal and contour details than single infrared.

5. Four-light gimbal with 21T computing power

The four-optical ptz equipped with S400 comes with 21Tops computing power, which can greatly improve the computing speed and accuracy of target recognition, motion analysis, and image processing.

6. Professional-level strength, backpack-level lightness

At the same time, as a light professional-grade drone, the S400 has strong professional capabilities while being lightweight and portable, and can be folded into a backpack for out-of-office operations.

Drone automatic hangar K01

Integrated design with S400 professional drone

1. Rolling hatch cover, not afraid of wind, snow, freezing rain, and accumulation of falling objects

The protection of the K01 whole machine reaches the IP54 standard, and it has excellent windproof, waterproof, lightningproof, shockproof, dustproof and corrosion resistance. It can operate normally in an environment of -35℃ to 50℃.The hangar is equipped with an independent weather station that can monitor meteorological elements such as wind speed, rainfall, temperature, humidity, and air pressure. At the same time, dual cameras are equipped inside and outside to achieve 24-hour real-time monitoring, thus ensuring a comprehensive, accurate and real-time perception of the takeoff environment.

The aerial intelligent inspection system composed of S400 and series load PTZ, automatic hangar K01, and UVER intelligent control platform can provide an integrated solution of hardware + software + service for UAV industry applications, opening up a more trustworthy “unattended” mode for remote operations.

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