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Folded   Size 800mm x800mm x800mm
MaterialAviation aluminum alloy, carbon fiber
Body Weight16KG
Maximum   Takeoff Weight50kg (near sea level)
Maximum   Load 20kg
Maximum   Ascent Speed5m/s
Maximum   Descent Speed5m/s
Maximum Wind   ResistanceLevel 7
Maximum   Flight Altitude5000m
Maximum   Flight Speed 20m/S (Windless Environment)
Maximum   Flight Time30-70 minutes
Maximum   Control Distance10km (open and unobstructed, no electromagnetic interference)
Maximum   Flight Altitude 2000 Meters
Hover   AccuracyVertical: ±0.5m (when GPS positioning works normally)

Horizontal: ±0.1m (when GPS positioning works normally)
Satellite   Positioning ModuleGPS/GLONASS or BDSS/GLONASS
CameraHD 4K image quality with 10/30 zoom
Power SystemIntegrated FOC power system
Working   Temperature-10℃-50℃
Waterproof   GradeModerate rain, the body can be washed with water
Battery   Capacity54000mah

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