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Dimensions (Wheelbase)1260*1260mm*450mm
Shipping   Dimensions (Air Box Dimensions)700*700mm*800mm
Folding   Methodfold down
Propeller22 inch folding propeller
Power System6210 Motor
ESC60A Electronic Governor
Rack MaterialAviation aluminum and carbon fiber integrated structure
Weight (With   Smart Battery)12KG
Weight   (Without Battery)8KG
Maximum   Takeoff Weight17KG
Maximum Load5kg
Operating   Temperature-20~+50℃
Hover   AccuracyVertical: ±0.5 Horizontal: ±1.5
Flight   Control SystemThree Redundancy (3 internal and external compass)
Maximum Pitch   Angle10-30 degrees adjustable
Maximum   Ascent Speed5m/s
Maximum   Descent Speed5m/s
Maximum Level   Flight Speed15m/s (GPS mode)
Maximum   Withstand Wind Speed12M/S
Maximum   Flight Altitude3500 m
Flight   Duration40-65min
Flight   Distance10KM
Smart Battery22000mah smart battery, with voltage protection, short circuit   protection, smart storage point function, real-time power display function
Power   ConnectorAdopt fixed type, intelligent belt communication power connector, power   supply plug AS150u intelligent belt communication connector, output 24V   constant voltage power supply.
Extended   Function 1Compatible with the first angle of view, the mobile APP can display the   aircraft parameters and flight video in real time. Voice broadcast and other   functions, compatible with various application mounts
Extended   Function 2Meet the daily AOPA training requirements, meet the 2, 3, 4 UAV training   requirements, manual mode, intelligent mode switching.
Dustproof And   RainproofCan fly in light to medium rain and snow weather
Support ModeManual mode, intelligent mode, support intelligent flight such as   waypoint flight, POI surround, home point lock, etc.
MaintainabilityThe whole machine is equipped with no more than 3 kinds of screws, which   is convenient for daily disassembly and maintenance. It supports quick   insertion and quick change. After-sales accessories are complete, which is   convenient for transportation.
Acquired   ManagementSupport background supervision platform, all flight information is   mastered.
Working   Environment-20℃~60℃
Wind   ResistanceWind resistance level 6
Camera   SupportSupport optical image stabilization; support HD 30x optical zoom and 14x   optical zoom camera mount

Supports three-axis stabilization gimbal, supports motion in three   dimensions of pitch, heading, and roll; gimbal control accuracy ±0.01°
Ground   Station Software SupportSupport Android system, control software, simple, intuitive and reliable.   Support PC background real-time display data. With PC terminal and   supervision software.
Support First   View CameraIntegrated high brightness automatic dimming camera
Composition: Two bright LED lights
Power consumption: 12W
Brightness: 2000 lumens
The image is displayed to the APP in real time


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