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ENZ60 AHDRT Rice Transplanter





Automatic horizontal control. More advanced automatic level control function of the planting section. More in line with the scientific transplanting of rice


Multi-functional operation handle. One handle can control the up and down of the insertion part, the clutch of the insertion clutch, and the micro-drop of the insertion part, which is easy and convenient to operate.


Good passability. Independent front wheel damping, high ground clearance, equipped with ultra-low speed gear, better passability in wet and rotten fields


High horsepower engine with strong power. Unique mid-engine technology. Shimoda is not easy to enter the water, good safety.


Tearing seedling seedling needle. Unique seedling tearing type seedling needle. Reliable wear resistance, no damage to seedlings. 

Product   Model ENZ60-AHDRT
Length*width*height(transport   state)(mm) 3174*2172*2455
Length*width*height(working   condition)(mm) 3174*2235*2455
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 440
Structural mass(kg) 800
Engine model 3C1104 type Yuchai engine
Structure type Water-cooled 3-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine
Power / speed kw (ps) /   (r/min) 16.3 (22.2)/2600
Number of transmission gear   (gear) Forward 3, backward 3 (travel, interpolation, low speed)
Operating speed m/s/km/h 1.82/6.55
Traveling speed m/s/km/h 4.02/14.47
Rice planting method Rotary
Number of rice transplanting   rows (rows) 6
Rice planting row spacing (mm) 300
Distance between rice   transplanting holes(mm) 250, 220, 180, 170, 160, 150, 130, 110
Intelligent computer board Yes
Operating efficiency(mu/hour) 6~12

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