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                                                    Model   Specification 3WWDZ-15B
Basic   Information:
Net Weight (excluding battery and Tank)(Excluding nozzle, single nozzle 530g)
Empty Machine Weight (including battery, fuel container and other solid devices)23.6kg
Rated take-off Weight   (including weight of empty aircraft and weight of liquid medicine and fuel   with rated capacity)38.6kg
Wheelbase1070mm@Front and Rear Power Shaft
1330mm@Left and Right Power   Shaft
Arm Folding960*620*510 (mm)
Arms Unfolded, Blades Folded1430*1170*510 (Propeller is not included in overall   dimensions)
Arms Unfolded, Blades Unfolded--
position LevelRTK
Hover Accuracy (Good GNSS Signal) RTK is not EnabledHorizontal ±0.3m, Vertical ±0.1m
Hovering Accuracy (Good GNSS Signal) Enable RTKHorizontal ±5cm, Vertical ±5cm
Hover Time10min (Standard Take-off Weight)
Maximum thrust-to-weight Ratio2.07(Takeoff Weight 39.81kg)
Maximum Operating Flight Speed7m/s
Maximum Flight Speed (Good GNSS Signal)7m/s
Maximum Flight Altitude2000m
Recommended Working Environment Temperature0-40°C
Work Efficiency8 hectare/h

Spraying System - Tank:
Tank Volume15L(Rated Capacity)
Working Capacity15.75kg

Spraying System - Nozzle:
ModelCentrifugal, Mist Spray Nozzle, Quick Interchange
Atomized Particle Size10-200 μm(Adjustable)
Flow Rate≤3.5L/min
Flow RateCentrifugal nozzle: 333 hectare

Radar System - Multi-sensor Perception System:
Height Measurement20m
Fixed Height1.2m-5m (Relative Height from the Surface of the Crop)
Autonomous Flight, Moving Obstacle AvoidanceAchieve to 3m/s
Minimum flight height of high trees' canopy layer1.2m
Terrain Following Slope≤70°
Flight Time without Positioning Signal2 min

Radar System - Obstacle Avoidance System:
FOVHorizontal ±45°, Vertical ±25°
Obstacle Avoidance DirectionObstacle Avoidance in the Horizontal Direction

Intelligent Battery:
Weight6.75 kg
Charging Time18min, No Water Cooling Required
Services560 Cycles

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