Do you know how many types of drones are divided into?

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Do you know how many types of drones are divided into?

1. According to the classification of uses, it can be divided into three categories: military UAVs, civilian UAVs, and consumer-grade UAVs.

2. Different platform configurations are classified. There are three main platforms for UAVs: fixed-wing UAVs, rotary-wing UAVs, unmanned airships, umbrella-wing UAVs, flapping-wing UAVs, unmanned helicopters, and multi-rotor UAVs.

3. Classification by scale (civil aviation regulations): micro UAVs, light UAVs, small UAVs and large UAVs.

4. Classification by activity radius: ultra-short-range UAVs, short-range UAVs, short-range UAVs, medium-range UAVs and long-range UAVs.

5. Classification according to mission height: ultra-low-altitude UAVs, low-altitude UAVs, hollow UAVs, high-altitude UAVs and ultra-high-altitude UAVs.

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