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                                        D900 Four-Rotor UAV Product Parameters
Symmetrical Wheelbase900MM
Overall Height350mm
Central Control Size200X250mm
Propeller Size22 inches (foldable)
Arm Size300MM carbon fiber pipe
Folding MechanismHorizontal folding quick release
Motor Size6010
ESCfoc integrated power system
Standard BatterySmart battery 25000mah, 1 pcs
Waterproof Levelmoderate rain
Machine Weight (Without Battery):4KG
Takeoff Weight9KG
Work Load2-5KG (near sea level)
Power BatteryHigh-performance smart battery, support quick   swap
Working AccuracyHorizontal ±0.03m, Vertical ±0.05m (RTK)

Horizontal ±0.8m, Vertical ±0.5m (GPS)
Operating Flight Speed1-15m/s
Maximum Flight Altitude1-1000m
Working Time30-60min (@22000mAh, Takeoff Weight 8KG)

Wind Resistance12m/s (level 6)
Maximum Operating Altitude3500m
Dimensions Of Battery Installation Location100MMX200mmX60mm
Maximum Thrust-To-Weight Ratio1.71
Link Transmission Distance10KM
Support 4G LinkSupports ultra-long-distance control of PTZ pods and other devices. The real-time command center remotely controls the PTZ. images etc.
Maximum Power Consumption3500W
Recommended Operating Ambient Temperature-10℃ to 40℃
Packing And ShippingIntegrated aviation protective box

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