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AOne step to reach

Based on the diversity and complexity of the operating environment, Smart A22 RTK standard configuration is equipped with a 220V charger and a 60V fuel charger, which increase the battery turnover rate sharply .


Control system

Flight control system which undergone multi-version application optimization and iterative upgrades, advocates a motherboard-style integrated design and reaches IP67 protection level. It become more concise, lighter, and more compatible, and it reserve functional extension interfaces which could be used for secondary development function. Three Redundant IMU, dual redundant GNSS and multiple sets of safety mechanism algorithms ensure the stability and reliability of plant protection operations.


Spraying system

The high-efficiency A22 RTK spraying system, through the magnetic sensitive liquid level sensor of the tank, can get the amount of pesticide used and remaining easily and accurately. The four independent brushless water pumps accurately control spraying flow of each channel, providing a precise spraying up to 8L/min. Thanks to these special spraying accessories, the drone could be operated freely in more and more special fields


Spreading system

The new spreading system with a large capacity of 25L, can spread 0.5~5mm particles ,seeds and etc, Its spreading amount can reach 40kg/min and effective spreading diameter can reach 10 meters, that means it increase the spreading efficiency by around 50 times.what’s more ,The design of granules exhaustion reminder make the spreading operations seamlessly and evenly.


Three modes, with your own way

Based on the RTK real-time differential technology, it provides a more reliable and accurate positioning and height setting method for agricultural drones. Whatever the comfort of manual operation or the accuracy of route planning and operation, you will be immersed in an extremely easy and efficient operation mode.


Be prepared against obstacles

Facing the complex field terrain, A22 RTK can accurately judge and feedback obstacles in the flight process in real time with the front and rear two-way millimeter-wave radar ,which enable the drone to hover or circumvent obstacles , while improving flight safety sharply!


IP67 protection, no fear of washing

Reliable protection design makes cleaning and maintenance to be much more easy. Through the upgrade of the protection level of core components, the intrusion of dust, corrosives, liquids, etc. is well blocked, it ensure the efficient use of agriculture drone and aslo reduce maintenance cost.




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