A new force in drones! EVO Lite drone

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A new force in drones! EVO Lite drone

The EVO Lite drone has a distinctive design, with a sci-fi look to the whole machine, together with three colourways, Tan Haze Orange, Glacier White and Deep Sky Grey, which can meet the preference needs of most users, especially this Tan Haze Orange, both in terms of texture and visual perception. This design of the EVO Lite is also the winner of the Red Dot Best Design Award 2022 in Germany.

In terms of hardware configuration, EVO Lite has a built-in 50 megapixel ultra-sensitive camera with 1/1.28-inch CMOS and a pixel area of 2.44μm, supporting the capture of 50 megapixel photos, while with a large F1.9 aperture, it makes it possible to capture high quality images even in complex light. It is worth mentioning that the lens is designed with a RYYB colour filter array that It is also worth noting that the lens is designed with a RYYB colour filter array, enabling better light sensitivity advantages.

The EVO Lite can shoot HDR videos and photos, enabling deep optimisation of the image quality of highlights and shadows in high dynamic scenes, resulting in rich detail and layering. The camera also features a new hybrid focusing system that achieves millisecond autofocus, a necessary feature for shooting moving subjects, allowing users to capture more exciting moments when shooting.

And in terms of user-friendly operation, Downtone Smart has created the first aerial portrait mode, whether shooting horizontally or vertically, through the Autel Sky APP software, the application can be automatically matched to the number of people in the picture. In addition, by automatically locking onto the subject in motion, the drone can achieve switching camera positions at any time and follow the picture with ease.

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