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82mm Mortar Launcher


Parameters of 82mm Mortar Launcher

Overall Dimensions                     400mm*300mm*290mm

Compatible Bullet Type               82MM Size

Net weight                                   4 tubes 2KG 6 tubes 3KG

Material                                       Aviation aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel

Installation type                           Automatic latch with upward striking of latch

Launching method                      Automatic single-shot casting.

Caliber size                                  Suitable for 82mm mortar shells

Load capacity                              4-6 pieces

Power supply mode                    On-board power supply

Operating voltage                       DC 12-60V

Control mode                              SBUS signal 9-14 channels; or 6 independent PWM channels

Control throwing accuracy          1-3 meters

Control distance                          5-10KM

Expanding caliber                        Can be customized to develop various caliber controllers, such as: 60mm

Applicable models                       F1200 F1800

Camera Pixel                                4k

On-board aiming function           One key downward aiming, crosshair indication


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