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8 Channel Handheld Anti Drone Gun Jammer


Product Description of 8 Channel Anti Drone System Handheld Drone Jammer

The handheld jamming equipment is a one-man drone jamming equipment carefully developed for the actual use of domestic and foreign drone frequencies. This product is highly integrated and adopts high-power electronic countermeasure technology to directionally and remotely jam the navigation and remote control mapping communication links of the "black-flying" drones and force them to land or return to their home. The product is highly integrated and adopts high power electronic countermeasure technology to jam the navigation, remote control and mapping communication links of "black flight" UAVs in a directional and long-distance range, forcing the "black flight" UAVs to land or return to flight. It is characterized by innovative integration, multi-frequency coverage, safety, efficient heat dissipation, status display, etc.; effectively targeting multi-frequency and frequency-hopping modified UAVs. Safeguard low-altitude security in the protection area.

Scenarios of Application of 8 Channel Handheld Anti-Drone Equippment

Party and government core areas, residences, foreign affairs activities, the perimeter of security points and lines involved in major security missions, flammable and explosive danger zones, event venues and other sites where "black flight" of drones is prohibited.

Advantageous features of 8 Channel Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer

1. Powerful core configuration: multi-band coverage 400/800M/900M/1.2G/1.4G/1.5G/

2.4G/5.2G/5.8G, high power output, covering more drone types/models, effectively countering FHSS drones.

2. Meet rapid response: UAV flying speed, high danger index, this product does not need to be assembled, ready to use, risk control ability, to meet the needs of real combat.

3. Portable: Highly integrated and integrated, adopting innovative technology to enhance the portability of the product, lightweight and portable, greatly enhancing the convenience of performing tasks.

4. High reliability: the main body shell is made of 7075 aviation heat dissipation aluminum, equipped with heat dissipation fan, efficient heat dissipation can extend the service life of the equipment, and the service life of the equipment can be up to 5-10 years.

5. Ergonomic design: comfortable grip; trigger switch; status display.

Configuration Parameters of 8 Channel Portable Anti-Drone Jammer

MaterialAviation Aluminum Metal Heat Dissipation Shell
Interference band

CH1 (1.5G): 1520-1620MHz

CH2 (2.4G): 2400-2500MHz

CH3 (5.8G): 5720-5850MHz

CH4 (5.2G): 5150-5250MHz

CH5 (1.4G): 1380-1480MHz

CH6 (1.2G): 1120-1280MHz

CH7 (800M): 835-890MHz

CH8 (900M): 900-960MHz

CH9 (400M): 430-435MHz

Jamming power130W
Jamming distance 1500 meters (depending on the interference distance against the target varies)
Jamming functionInterferes with UAV navigation/remote control/telemetry communication link, and the UAV will return or land.
Operation modeSingle handheld
Response time≤3s
Expand and withdraw time≤20s
Endurance time 1h
Charging time ≤4h
Standby time ≥60 days
Power supply 24V6Ah, replacement battery
DisplayReal-time display of power status
Dual switch8 independent band buttons, trigger-type transmitter switch
Indicator light Band indicator light is visible under bright light
Antenna type30° directional antenna
CoolingIntelligent temperature control, built-in cooling fan
Environmental adaptability-40 ℃ to 60 ℃
Sight4×10 laser sight


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