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6 Channel Anti Drone Gun Jammer


Product Description

6 Channel Anti Drone Gun Jammer is a six-frequency high-power directional gun drone countermeasures equipment, built-in lithium battery, easy and simple to operate, can realize single-frequency control, the equipment adopts narrow-band jamming technology and RF suppression technology to cut off the connection between the drone and the remote control, thus forcing the drone to force it to return to the flight. After the drone is controlled, it cuts off the graphic transmission channel, and will not be able to transmit video, aerial photos and receive any instructions from the ground remote controller, thus achieving the purpose of protecting the critical area and preventing privacy from being leaked.

Main Indicator Parameters

1. 900MHz/1.6G/2.4G/5.8G full open, forced landing for UAV. (For the drone's own flight control system without forced landing function, can not be forced to land)

2. Turn on 2.4G/5.8G and lose control of the drone when GPS is turned off, then the drone will return.

3. First, select the "Frequency Band Button Switch" to determine the function of the countermeasure drone.

4. Aim the front of the device at the drone, press the power start button, at this time, the "band button switch" shows "blue light on", indicating that it has begun to work, with the drone moving to adjust the direction of the drone can be better countermeasures against the drone.

5. "Power display" can know the power situation, check the power after each use, the power shows 1 frame need to charge in time.


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